“Shine me” was originated from the initial concept of creating foods and drinks from natural ingredients, with little additives, without chemicals, and adding value to the longan of farmers in the area. We therefore strive to bring the value of longan, the miracle fruit, to combine with cider that passes through the natural process, resulting in many various types of amino acid and add value from honey to help nourish, restore and balance the body.

“Shine me”, an essential extract from longan texture and seeds, which are rich with benefits, easy to eat without aphthous ulcer in the same way as eating fresh fruit. In addition, it also gives a delicate flavour from Longan Cider that is fermented for over two years through the curing process, bringing about various types of important enzyme and amino acid which the body needs.

Shine me Inside Out

Good health, starting with good sleeping every day, strengthening the immune system. And how can you start to take care of your health to sleep comfortably, excrete easily and have immunity in the body at the same time … “Shine me” is the answer. We merge 100% natural benefits, which you can eat regularly. The first thing that you can feel when you eat initially is an improved excretory system, and it also makes you feel relaxed and sleep well when eating before bedtime.

And when you eat it continuously, you will feel that the skin is bright, less cold symptoms, and it will help to balance the body to the normal. This type of drink has an effect to supplement the deficit in health for consumers. When consumed regularly, the consumers will recognise the change which can be observed from decrease in frequency of colds, decrease in dependence on antibiotics, and turning from feeling sleepy all the time to feel fresh after waking up.